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About Us

Pastels Goods & Co.™ is a streetwear clothing and lifestyle brand founded by music creator Von Vargas. After living at the cornerstone of music and fashion for many years, Von’s expression of creativity through fashion has never been something shareable for others to partake in until now.  Combining inspirational elements of street culture, sporting design, lux & ready to wear fashions, pastel palettes and music, with legendary brand nostalgia, Pastels Goods & Co. represents the trajectory that “fresh is more”. Our hope is to inspire our customers to “know who you are”, to know that you were  born fresh and encourage you to own it.  Our very first collection enters the fashion world with what we call “drop:10eleven” which represents October the 11th, the month and day that Von was born. Pastels Goods & Co. drop:10eleven is an initial concept and limited capsule release consisting of t-shirts (3 colorways and 4 design concepts with men and women silhouettes) , beach shorts (2 colorways), and trucker headwear for the summer.  

Pastels is looking forward to expanding with more selections of streetwear garments, fashion accessories, outerwear,  fragrances, art, homegoods, collaborations and more. Products that are inspired by pastel palettes, but not limited to pastel colors.  

About Pastel Colors: 

Pastel colors are full of light and more free flowing of the controlling elements of dark colors. While able to retain the vibrancy and brightness of color that other muted tints lack, pastels are also renowned for their ability to soothe and calm the viewer. 

Note from Founder:

Pastels have always been colors that I felt stood out amongst the rest. These were colors of relief, yet stylish, cool, and fly. Statement worthy when executed properly. This is your opportunity to Light up any room anywhere. In a world of darkness the light wins. So “Know thy fresh” because at the end of it all....Fresh is More! 

Welcome to the Family.

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